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While our new class registration system is set up for ease of use, as well as performance and reliability, please understand that you will need to sign up students individually for their classes. In other words, if you have two (or more) students that you want to register for OTA classes or workshops, you will need to select their individual class(es), adding them to your student’s shopping cart, and then checkout each student’s shopping cart one at a time. If you want to register multiple students for the same course, you will need to complete each registration separately, with each child under their own registration.

Example: You have two children, “Joey” and “Susie”, that you want to sign up for OTA courses. You will need to first select all of Joey’s courses and complete his registration (including payment). Then, go back in a second time to select all of Susie’s courses and complete her registration (including payment).

Again: we ask that you do not select multiple tickets when registering as a way to register multiple students in a single class, as we have no way of knowing which additional students would be attending that class.

We apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause; we do know that change is not always easy to embrace. Please understand that we are continually looking for new and improved ways to help you homeschool better!

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